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New Delhi, 14 November 2008

Dr. David R. Leffler together with Maj. Gen. Kulwant Singh (Retd.) and others have espoused the cause and have assiduously propagated the Maharishi's approach to ending war and conflict. More recently they have extended the concept to include proven methods to end Terrorism or even to making a military force invincible.

In the preamble to their treatise on the so called 'Maharishi Effect' they have have recorded that: More than 500 studies suggest that if military personnel utilized the novel human resource technology known as Maharishi's Supreme Military Science, an ancient tradition re-enlivened by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, their performance levels and quality of life could be greatly enhanced. Research indicates that this non-religious technology produces deep rest, releases deep-rooted stress, and increases dynamism, teamwork, and positive social behaviour. These effects are thought to be produced through enlivenment of the field of pure consciousness, held by Maharishi to be the direct experience of the unified field alluded to by theoretical physicists as the basis of all laws of nature. Over 50 studies indicate that groups practicing this Invincible Defence technology alleviate problems in society that may derive from collective stress, which is viewed by Maharishi as the root cause of adversarial relationships leading to war. Because he was first to propose these effects of the Transcendental Meditation program this phenomenon is known as the "Maharishi Effect." It has been field-tested by the Mozambique military to prevent hostilities and avert the rise of enemies. This approach could greatly improve the military's peacemaking and peacekeeping abilities, while reducing risks to personnel and civilians.

Such an approach was also advocated by the Psychological Research Wing of the DRDO who advocated the introduction of meditation and yoga among troops to stem the spate of suicides and fratricides plaguing the armed and security forces.- all caused by various stress factors.

In the past we had published several of Dr Leffler's articles on our website and some of these are tabled below for those who may be interested to reread them.

In our earlier analysis we highlighted that to prevent conflict and keep wars in check there had to be some spending on arms by nations. Adam Smith said, "The first duty of the Sovereign is to provide for the security of the state ". Many studies also established  that  judicious  spending  on defence  contributed to employment, development, pride and security of a nation. Like an insurance policy spending on arms appears wasteful but it is also inescapable.

The world is also divided between the developed and the developing nations. The former would like to keep their lead in armament technology and at times encourage and abet small wars in the Third World to suit their ends. If all this is taken into account the Maharishi's attempt is laudable and may see pockets of success, but not on a large scale for reasons outlined.

In the present context of conflicts around the world we focus once again on the Invincible Defense Technology as outlined by Dr Leffler in the following three articles:

1. A Proven Approach to Make A Force Invincible by Dr. David Leffler.

2. An Overlooked, Proven Solution to Terrorism by Dr. David Leffler.

3. No One Wants the Nobel War Prize by David R. Leffler


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