Supreme Military Science Myth or Reality?


New Delhi, 13 June 2001


A Revolutionary Change In The Character Of Military Intervention


David R. Leffler, Ph.D.

The Union Institute, Cincinnati, Ohio, USA

Wing Commander Ravi Badhwar (Ret.)

Former Indian Air Force Pilot, New Delhi, India

Kenneth G. Walton, Ph.D.

Maharishi University of Management

Fairfield, Iowa, USA


More than 500 studies suggest that if military personnel utilized the novel human resource technology known as Maharishi's Supreme Military Science, an ancient tradition re-enlivened by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, their performance levels and quality of life could be greatly enhanced. Research indicates that this non-religious technology produces deep rest, releases deep-rooted stress, and increases dynamism, teamwork, and positive social behavior. These effects are thought to be produced through enlivenment of the field of pure consciousness, held by Maharishi to be the direct experience of the unified field alluded to by theoretical physicists as the basis of all laws of nature. Over 50 studies indicate that groups practicing this technology alleviate problems in society that may derive from collective stress, which is viewed by Maharishi as the root cause of adversarial relationships leading to war. Because he was first to propose these effects of the Transcendental Meditation program this phenomenon is known as the "Maharishi Effect." It has been field-tested by the Mozambique military to prevent hostilities and avert the rise of enemies. This approach could greatly improve the military's peacemaking and peacekeeping abilities, while reducing risks to personnel and civilians.

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IDC has received a most interesting thesis of Military management based on the Maharishi system and has great pleasure in putting an abstract of the same on our site and we thank the authors. Since we deal with Indian Defence we felt that it needs to be brought home, that there is great merit in Meditation and Yoga and IDC can vouch for it and help people who wish to have guidance. However we are a purely analytical site and have many bull's eyes to our credit, so we take on this article for analysis.

The experiment may have worked in Mozambique and it is laudable, but in military matters history has the nagging habit to repeat itself in the same vein, but under the prevailing circumstances. Man's basic instincts have not changed since Adam and Eve tasted of the forbidden fruit. Maharishiji has done a lot to help so many people by meshing Indian philosophy with the Western ways to make the dose palatable and we acknowledge it, but we are six billion in the world today.

Therefore despite corrections and guidance, temptation and conflict will remain a failing of human nature and continue to exist in varying degrees as society develops, and will depend on the amount of policing and rule of law in force, to keep both in check. Conflict between individuals is the lower aspect in daily life, but conflict between nations is what spurs disagreements and can lead to skirmishes and wars, whether they be cold or hot. There will also exist attempts by sages like Maharishi and statesmen to make mankind aspire for a utopian world, free of conflict and wars, but no one, not even those at the school of divinity, have had success in finding an elixir for it.

To help prevent conflict and keep wars in check there has to be spending on arms by nations and even Adam Smith said, "The first duty of the Sovereign is to provide for the security of the state ". The world is divided between the developed and the developing. The former would like to keep their lead and advancements in armament technology and at times encourage and abet small wars in the Third World to suit their ends.  

In many studies it has also been established  that  judicial  spending of between 2 to 3% of the GNP on defence  contributes to employment, development, pride and security of the nation. Its like insurance. Hence we live in  a Catch 22 situation. The spending on arms is wasteful but it is also inescapable. Defence spending in today's world which is  now witnessing proliferation of nuclear weapons, is like a bucking horse. If it is let loose and not reigned in, it can create havoc but if controlled and corralled, it can offer a safe and comfortable ride to its  mount. 

Soon after the Second World War, USA built up its economy and rebuilt Europe thanks to the Marshall plan. The Military Industrial Complex (MIC) fuelled America's  economy to become the largest by far in the world. If all this is taken into account the Maharishi's attempt is laudable and may  see pockets of success, but not on a large scale for reasons outlined.

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